Marketplace Events creates vibrant expositions connecting enthusiasts with experts, products and services in dynamic face-to-face environments.  The company produces more than 100 business-to-consumer and trade shows in North America including almost 70 home and garden shows, 18 sport and outdoor shows, 16 holiday shows and 10 regional trade shows.  The 100+ combined events, in 54 markets, currently attract 30,000 exhibitors, 2.2 million attendees and another 5 million unique web visitors annually. The company produces some of the most successful and longest-running shows in North America, including market-leading shows in Seattle, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal—some of which have thrived in their markets for more than 75 years.



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Why Marketplace Events?


2.2 Million visitors & 30,000 exhibitors at our shows each year


5 Million Unique Web Visits Per Year


65% of visitors make a purchase at our shows


471,000 Facebook & 107,000 Instagram followers

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  • In a world where customer service has gone by the wayside, Marketplace Events is remarkable in assisting you with every question and concern.
    Felicia W.
    Home Show Exhibitor
  • Have been working this show for over 20 years and with the help of Marketplace Events it just gets better and better.
    Ray and Fay B.
    Home Show Exhibitor
  • Thank you to everyone at Marketplace Events for putting on such a first-class show. We are very pleased with the traffic that you generated. Your professionalism and willingness to help us at every turn did not go unnoticed.
    Scott K.
    Home Show Exhibitor
  • We experience shows all over the U.S. These events are the best promoted and staffs are the best you'll ever deal with. We would encourage any business to get involved with Marketplace!
    Dale D.
    Home Show Exhibitor
  • Marketplace Events does a great job of promoting their shows, which results in great attendance, great exposure and sales.
    Marc C.
    Home Show Exhibitor
  • I'm truly amazed how quickly you built this new show in two short years. I can't remember the last time we went non-stop from opening to close. Many thanks for running a fantastic show.
    Dan J.
    Home Show Exhibitor
  • Our company participates in more than 450 events each year for 32+ years. We work with many promoters and can say with conviction that working with the team at Marketplace Events has been a pleasure.
    Marianne B.
    Multiple Home Show Exhibitor